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    Welcome to ALTIS

Who we are

Established in 2004, Altis Investment Management is an investment management company with its office in The Hague (Netherlands).

We provide innovative investment management services to institutional clients. Our portfolio managers have many years of professional experience in their respective specialist fields.

Altis is committed to its independence and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients, without any conflicting interests. We use an open-architecture approach to select the best possible solutions and products for our clients.

Why Altis

Open Architecture

If you believe that an open-architecture approach, accessing the best managers in an open market, leads to superior results. If you only trust your money with a team that is open to the entire market of skilled asset managers and can lead you to the best and most suitable partners. Then you want your investment manager to conduct independent manager selection as a necessary ingredient in constructing an optimal portfolio with respect to quality, risks, returns and costs.

Zeal for research

Thorough research is the cornerstone of making long-term sound investment decisions. You want your investment decisions to be well-funded and you also want to understand the rationale in a common language. At Altis we analyse portfolios continuously, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We interview our asset managers on-sight across the globe. We go the extra mile to equip ourselves with outstanding knowledge of innovative financial investment solutions.

Personal approach

You want your portfolio strategy to be designed according to your targets and ambitions; you don’t want to be categorized in some model portfolio. We design your bespoke portfolio strategy and continue to monitor risk and respond flexibly to changing market conditions. Our people thrive on working with clients in an open and collaborative way.

Our Story

Established in 2004 we are a leading and independent investment management company with its office in the Netherlands. We continuously search, analyze and monitor best-in-class investment opportunities in traditional and alternative asset classes and provide tailored solutions to institutions and individuals through an open architecture approach. Our clients benefit from radically lower fees as our existing client base gives us a strong bargaining power. We have the spirit of a small agile company and the infrastructure and network of an established house servicing large financial organisations.

How we do things differently


A successful long-term relationship rests first and foremost on people and trust. You want to share matters with people you trust and who are passionate and knowledgeable about those matters. Our portfolio managers are dedicated asset class or sector specialists by ambition and training. Their passion is research and their motivation is the direct contribution their efforts have on your portfolio.


Our collaboration depends on your desired level of involvement in your investment portfolio. Whether you are a large institution or a private investor, we have the flexibility of a small and agile team able to provide tailored financial advice and services. But we also have the type of financial and operational infrastructure to meet all institutional requirements.


You want to make sure that you work with an investment team that is on the frontier of innovation and latest standards. We strongly believe in innovation when it comes to investing. We continuously explore new asset classes and new approaches to investing, both in traditional liquid markets and in the alternative private market investment categories.


You are engaged with the challenges that corporations face in terms of adapting to environmental, social and governance related issues. You do not want to neglect the impact that your investment portfolio could have considering these challenges. The integration of ESG factors is an explicit part of our selection process of managers, without neglecting a critical stance on cost and return considerations. In addition, we explore new ways for clients who want to enhance their sustainability footprint of the portfolio, e.g. through investments in green bonds, carbon reduction, etc.


SFDR aims to increase transparency on how financial market participants integrate sustainability into their investment decisions, recommendations and investment advice. It introduces a classification system with new disclosure requirements for investment products. Go to SFDR page


You believe that transparency is a priority in all your financial affairs. You do not want negative surprises related to hidden costs or influential exposures causing unforeseen losses or other damages. Our proprietary Altis research platform is designed as one of the central communication instruments between Altis and its clients. It equips us with a central analytical application to research the actual managers and overall portfolio. It allows you to ‘look through’ individual managers as well as the combined investments of all managers to the level of individual securities, currencies or other exposures. It offers you the flexibility to ‘real-time’ access Altis analysts’ reviews, opinions and latest updates on each manager you invest in.

What we offer

Advisory & Fiduciary Services

You may want to be supported with our asset class landscape studies, our manager selection advice and our manager monitoring and portfolio risk monitoring services. We provide our advisory services to some of the largest institutional investors in Europe. We work with investment offices through advisory relationships, as well as investment committees through fiduciary relationships for a variety of institutional investors both in terms of type and size.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

You may have your portfolio managed by our investment team according to a carefully designed set of objectives and guidelines. You delegate the management of your portfolio according to a thoroughly articulated investment process. You receive regular comprehensive risk and performance reporting on your investments. You may still want to be involved in the most important investment decisions whereby you interact with our specialists once important decision ‘triggers’ are met.

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