In order to provide you with the best possible service, this website uses cookies. Below we will explain how this is done, and why.


When you visit this website, we will place cookies on your computer, tablet or telephone if your browser settings allow this. Cookies are small, simple text files that are used to recognize you when you visit the site again. For example, they ensure that you do not receive or have to enter the same information every time you visit our website. Your settings and preferences are retained, which will make your next visit easier. In addition, cookies help us tailor the information and advertisements offered on our website and third-party websites (if you have granted your consent for this) to your preferences.

In this cookie statement, the term ‘cookies’ refers not only to the small text files but also to all comparable technologies that we use to store or read data on your device, such as JavaScript, tags, beacons, pixels or HTML5 Local Storage, for example.


Some cookies are necessary to ensure that the website is fully operational. These are functional and analytical cookies. We will always place these cookies if your browser settings allow this. These cookies chart the use of our website, help us make improvements and register whether advertisements resulted in a purchase. These may be anonymous cookies or session cookies. Anonymous cookies do not contain personal data such as an IP address, and are removed automatically after 30 days. Session cookies are removed immediately when you leave the website.


If you want to block cookies completely, you can set your Internet browser in such a way that you will be notified when a cookie is being placed, or to ensure that no cookies can be placed. As a result of this, certain elements of the website may not work properly. Via your Internet browser, you can remove cookies manually or have them removed automatically when you close your browser.


The overview below shows key functional cookies and all non-functional cookies which are used on The purpose of each cookie is explained as well.

Cookie / Supplier Purpose
Google Analytics Functional cookies are placed in order to obtain a better understanding of the behaviour of visitors on our website. We subsequently use these cookies to improve the user experience. We have concluded a data processing agreement with Google, documenting arrangements on how the data collected is handled. Google is not allowed to share the data obtained or to use this data for other Google services, and we ensure that IP addresses are anonymised. Expiration time: 26 months
Google Doubleclick This cookie is placed in order to measure clicks and requests, which will help us optimise our advertising campaigns. Expiration time: 180 days
Google Tag Manager Google Tag Manager helps us manage various applications and cookies at a centralised location. Expiration time: Session


Altis takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. Our Privacy Statement explains how we look after your personal data.